Designer Rosica Mrsik

An accessoire collection preserving Macedonian heritage.

‚Heritage‘ collection from Rosica Mrsik


Designer Rosica Mrsik from Skopje has created an exclusive accessories collection in cooperation with the ethical lifestyle brand ESNAF. The ‚Heritage‘ project involves various local craftspeople and artists to preserve traditional Macedonian handicraft techniques. We spoke to Rosica about her intentions.

The collection ‚Heritage‘ means a new identity and interpretation of traditional Macedonian handicrafts.
All products are handmade with a great attention to details.

Rosica, what is the idea behind the collection you created in cooperation with ESNAF?

The ‘Heritage’ is a fashion accessories collection carefully crafted by skillful artisans. The idea and motivation for initiating this project was to create a contemporary line of designer products by engaging local artisans from vulnerable groups using traditional craftsmanship techniques inspired by the Macedonian rich cultural heritage. This collection is created between ESNAF, ethical lifestyle brand based in Skopje, North Macedonia and ROSICA MRSIK, fashion designer. The ‘Heritage’ brings a new identity and interpretation of the old. Even though the collection is inspired by the tradition each of the designs is developed with a sense of cosmopolitan aesthetics, artistic expression and modern style. These types of modern products are lacking on our market and are a great way of preserving and promoting our culture and heritage.

Which traditional designs did you integrate in your creations?

I was inspired by the motifs of the traditional Macedonian costumes designs in different regions. By integrating and updating the old handcrafting techniques that were used to create these costumes i.e. weaving, knitting, embroidery, embellishing techniques, etc., I wanted to translate and rework the motifs into very contemporary fashion designs with the use of bold traditional color schemes. 

Mainly natural materials are used for the handbags.

What kind of materials did you use?

To create the ‘Heritage’ line of fashion accessories we are using mainly natural materials, like cotton and wool, and we are also using leftover materials from the local textile industries. All the products are developed and made ethically with sustainable practices and are handcrafted by local artisans with a great attention to details.

Why do you think is it so important to uphold traditional designs?

The tradition is deeply rooted in the culture of each society and it is important to continuously nourish it by upholding and giving it new visions and meanings. The tradition keeps its values and importance to its own culture and ought to become closer to the new generations.

What do you think is the future of traditional designs? How can they maintain alive?

I believe that all projects or products which are engaging local traditions, customs, cultures and aesthetics are helping in maintaining them alive. Each culture and each society have a rich palette of traditional background that can be used as a great inspiration by any creative person and designer with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage.

Where are you selling your products?

Currently, the ‘Heritage’ collection is available on the ESNAF and ROSICA MRSIK web shops only, but we are working on possibilities to market the collection abroad on other platforms and stores with the idea of introducing and promote a part of our culture and heritage internationally. 

Photo credits of photoshoot:
Photographer: Aleksandar ristovski
Model: Gorgievska Mgi/ ModelsIn Mngmt
MUA: Zorica Nikolova
Location: Urban Old, Skopje

ESNAF E-Shop to the ‚HERITAGE‘ Collection

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