Bags made of only two materials – Georgian walnut heartwood and high quality yarn.


by Leko Melashvili, since 2016

Woyoyo – Sound of knitting – is a Tbilisi, Georgia, based Accessory Brand – founded by craftswoman and artist Leko Melashvili. She does not aspire to mass production. Each accessory is made by hand and supported by mechanisms, that Leko developed tailored for her manufacturing process. She and her partners constantly limit theirselves to the usage of only two materials – natural Georgian Walnut Heartwood and persistent high quality yarn. The foundational pillar of WOYOYO production is infusing valuable time and care in design. From painstakingly procuring the right trimmed wooden plank, “we then go to a journey to find distinct and beautiful veneers found on Georgian Walnut Heartwood. WOYOYO knitting technic too used by Leko, requires precise skills to achieve high-end quality.” Every millimeter matters, as they don’t work with stitches.

„We constantly innovate by unrolling new products following our own methodology in aesthetics.“


Since her childhood Leko Melashvili was touched by the cultural history of her small country – especially by the sewing, knitting and weaving techniques, which she explored with the support of her grandmother, learned and bended for her own needs. It’s no surprise, that she therefore relies her designs on the traditional Georgian knitting culture and her own hands.

A creative force, she has introduced a variety of designs in her new collection. Fresh elements that bring new shapes and combinations but only using limited constituents that of yarn and walnut heartwood for its collection, which essentially carved out a distinctive WOYOYO identity and style. Leko Melashvili: “We constantly innovate by unrolling new products following our own methodology in aesthetics through and by the means of craftmanship, woodwork and superior crocheted knitting techniques.”


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