Functional bags for busy moms and business women.

by Adelheid Lüring

In 2022, Heidi Lüring founded TASCALI, a brand crafting timeless and functional bags from sustainable materials, emphasizing local production. The brand’s ethos, encapsulated in the phrase „Timeless handbags of the highest quality: sustainable, circular, local, fair, and social for busy moms and business women,“ reflects Heidi’s commitment to excellence.

The name TASCALI is a harmonious fusion of the Italian word for bag, „Tasca,“ and the letters L and I. This combination mirrors Heidi’s appreciation for Italian lifestyle, coupled with her pursuit of high quality, durability (L), and innovation (I).

Launched successfully at Neonyt in Düsseldorf in Summer 2023, TASCALI gained further recognition by securing a founder’s grant from the Land NRW in October 2023. Heidi Lüring, the founder, is not only passionate about beautiful handbags but also values practicality and sustainability as an entrepreneur and mother.

TASCALI’s handbags are crafted from sustainable materials with a significant recycling component. The interior lining is made from nylon, composed of 91% marine plastic and recycled cotton. Supporting local businesses and craftsmanship, the bags are meticulously handmade by a skilled German craftsman in Belgrade. The „Homebags,“ or dustbags, are crafted with care by individuals with disabilities in Düsseldorf, fostering a sense of individual development and appreciation through meaningful employment.

Proofed values

„I would like to know where and how my bags are produced. Therefore, I advocate for transparent supply chains, small businesses, and the European location.““

Adelheid Lüring

Heidi’s material selection prioritizes regional sourcing, maximum recycling, and the use of natural, renewable resources for a sustainable and eco-friendly production process. She consciously avoids harmful substances, incorporating recycled materials and ensuring a holistic environmental approach in bag production.

The local production approach extends to the third-generation German manufacturer, employing traditional craftsmanship methods that are rare in industrial production. In Serbia, young individuals are keenly learning traditional leatherworking techniques from the German manufactory.

Collaborating with a family-owned weaving mill in Southern Germany, Heidi developed the fine-melange textile made from marine plastic. The Düsseldorf workshop for adapted work handles the cutting, embroidery, and sewing of the Shopperbags and Homebags, providing employment and individual support for people with disabilities.In essence, TASCALI stands as a brand epitomizing timeless elegance, sustainability, and local craftsmanship, meticulously curated by Heidi Lüring’s dedication to ethical and functional fashion.

TASCALI is one of the first companies to be awarded the „in Frauenhand“ (in women’s hands) seal.
The seal represents :

Justice & Equal Opportunities

Diversity & Tolerance

Inclusion & Excellence & Quality

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