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„Natural dyeing has been an exciting, eye-opening journey“

Environmentally friendly and unique: Natural dyeing is the DIY trend. Blossoms, fruits and spices give cotton and linen an individual look. Dyeing with organic material is a practice that goes back centuries to old traditions, and a wide variety of dyeing techniques have been handed down, and are just waiting to be tried out.

The best part is that you can try these yourself, from the comfort of your home. We collected impressions by Paola McKenna from Studio Folklore to give inspiration and to encourage experiments with colours. The Colombian Paola McKenna founded Studio Folklore – after stops in Argentina and Dublin – in Madrid in 2018.

A couple of years ago I started experimenting with natural dyes to give natural color to my macramé yarn and make my pieces more unique and special.

Her work focuses on natural dyeing methods, sustainable textiles, reusable bags and macramé. Handicraft and tradition hold special value to her, something that is influenced by her Latin American roots.

„Natural dyeing has been an exciting, eye-opening journey that now allows me to dye my own garments and textiles with beautiful natural colors.“

Studio Folkore

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Have a look at this article in the Situated Mag, written by Clara Dudley:

In the mood for your own do-it-yourself kit?

There are now a few shops online that sell dye sets. Studio Folklore also has them on offer. The kits contain all the materials you need, as well as recipes and access to video tutorials.

Have fun with natural dyeing!