German-Indian fair fashion – all fabrics woven and printed in loving handcraft.


by Jeanine Glöyer, since 2010

„JYOTI – FAIR WORKS“ is a German-Indian fair fashion label that produces clothing in a socially and ecologically sustainable manner. They manufacture clothing and accessories that both – the customers and especially all people involved in the production – will enjoy, from Cotton workers to weavers and seamstresses. In order to guarantee this, it is important for them to know all the people who are involved in the production of their clothing – along the entire value chain.

„Sure, we probably won’t change the textile industry on our own. But we can go ahead as a positive example and show that there is a different, better, fairer way. We can be inspiration for other companies and an alternative for customers. And we can make a living for twelve women in India. And that’s a lot, we think.“


Their clothing is manufactured in two sewing workshops in the south Indian towns of Chittapur and Londa, where they now work closely with almost 20 women and the local NGOs Jyothi Seva Kendra and Nava Chetana Kendra. Socially disadvantaged women receive training as seamstresses, permanent employment, various further training opportunities, regular preventive medical check-ups and a fair salary. Along other parts of the value chain, they also work exclusively with small family businesses and cooperatives. Using traditional technology, they weave and print all of their fabrics in loving handcraft.


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