Interprets the Saudi cultural heritage in a modern language.


by Mohammed Khoja, since 2016

Hindamme is a Saudi contemporary ready to wear label in the luxury sector. Founder and designer Mohammed Khoja deliberately chose the name. An ancient Arabic term referencing ‚to possess perfect form in harmony and aesthetic ’. Hindamme is modern, contemporary and artistic. Architectural lines, perfectly constructed cuts and strong shapes characterize the seasonal collections. With elaborate details, subtleties, expressive prints, embroidery, all selected rare and special fabrics Mohammed Khoja tells deeper stories at second glance.

Stories about the impressive beauty of his culture, the traditions and the people of his country – translated into a creative, western-inspired language that invites the world to get to know and love the fashionable handwriting of the Middle East. Since East and West go hand in hand at Hindamme, a design aesthetic is created that many people can access – each in their own way.

„We work closely with specialized textile experts to create custom brocades and embroideries.“


Hindamme’s fourth collection, also entitled as the ‘Al Ula’ collection, and in collaboration with ‘Winter at Tantora’ presents a contemporary interpretation and retrospective into the ancient desert Kingdom belonging to the Nabatean civilization, and more specifically that of Al Ula. Mohammed Khoja worked closely with specialized textile experts to create custom brocades and embroideries that illustrate the inscriptions and art of the ancient Nabatean civilization, seamlessly blending history into contemporary design.


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