SINCE 2016

From Gladbeck to USA: In 2019 the brand showed its collection at New York Fashion Week. When talking about authentic workwear, Grubenhelden shouldn’t be missing. The label tells the story of coal miners to preserve the history and culture of fathers and grandfathers, who shaped the German Ruhr Area by their hard work underground.

Since 2016 Grubenhelden is producing high-quality and fair streetwear in Portugal plus in their own studio in Gladbeck, Germany. The design does not only refer to the garments that german coal miners have been wearing, it also contains pieces of the original uniform – the usually striped mining shirt. Various details are also reminiscent of the work underground – like prints. With a special method original coal is incorporated into the surface of the fabric by hand. By this approach every shirt gets its own really one of a kind design. The oldest team member of Grubenhelden is a 70 years old coal miner. He manufactures each of the belts by hand.

The brand is about ideas and values ​​that have played a role in mining: solidarity and honesty. Underground it did not matter, who you are or where you come from, you had to be able to rely on each other. Grubenhelden wants to convey this spirit.