by Kristina Ivkovic

Foam of the days – London

SINCE 2019

Foam of The Days is a sustainable and ethical denim brand that was founded by Kristina Ivkovic after her graduation at the Accademia di Brera in 2019. She decided to do a brand which is not generating waste but up cycling existing garments and giving them a new life. The fact that garments are mostly hand made makes them even more sustainable since no energy is wasted for sewing machines. Another important aspect of the brand is that it supports the local community by sourcing fabrics locally and employing people who suffer from low pensions but with a history of artisan skills in order to deliver high quality.The designer chose denim as it fuses together modern and timeless aesthetics which complement any size and gender. She goes by the fact that: “denim has a soul which blossoms with time and is enhanced by the body which has worn it.

Every piece is unique. Almost every look is hand stitched by craftsmen with some jackets consisting of up to 300 metres of hand sewn knitting thread and taking a week to construct.

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