by Nina Bogosavljev

Bulka – Belgrade

SINCE 2017

Bulka is a fair trade brand from Serbia specialized on handmade colorful and unique kaftan designs. Each of the garments is produced ethically and in natural and carefully chosen fabrics like silk, cotton, wool, viscose and blends of each of these fabrics. „We do know all the people who lovingly make our garments“. The maximum comfort of the styles arises through the mix of natural textiles and high tailoring levels. Bulka’s production is limited, as each kaftan is a creative mix and match of colors and patterns – an extensive design process to create a real unique fashion item.

The designer herself specializes in one-of-a-kind kaftans. One size fits most body types and is generally very flattering to the female figure. Vests, which are more tailored fits, are available in different sizes. The beautiful Bulka designs have already been published in the Teen Vogue during the last New York Fashion Week.


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