Locally crafted premium knitwear

by Marta Bahillo

At babaà, quality knitwear for everyday use is meticulously crafted. Each item is made in Spain with a focus on durability. The babaà family prioritizes both the products they create and the methods they employ. All materials used are 100% natural, free from synthetic fibers such as acrylics. This dedication to premium materials results in garments that provide warmth and longevity, improving with each wear. Supporting local providers and the Spanish textile industry is integral to babaà’s ethos. Wool sourced from northern Spain is spun, dyed, and woven by skilled Spanish artisans, while much of the cotton originates from Andalucia in the south of the country. Close collaboration with knitters and yarn suppliers enhances the quality of the products. These partnerships are valued, and babaà takes pride in working alongside them.

In the twelve years since its launch, babaà has evolved while remaining committed to its core value of sustainability. Prioritizing local and natural materials, the brand aims to benefit the planet. Since the outset, babaà has maintained partnerships with the same Spanish factory and artisans, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology for a sustainable approach. By discarding outdated techniques harmful to the environment, the brand offers the best of both worlds.

In terms of design and color, inspiration is drawn from the yarns and nature itself. Marta, inspired by nature and travel, conceptualizes color ideas well in advance. With input from the team of the color lab, experimentation continues until the perfect shades are achieved. Delightful names like Hibiscus Flower and Alphonso Mango are created. The brand believes that color serves as a powerful language.

Proofed values

„Our cotton comes from the south of Spain, mainly from Sevilla and its surroundings. The cotton harvest in Spain is very small but significant and well-known internationally for its exceptional quality.“


In Barcelona, babaà works with a cherished family-run factory led by Josep, a second-generation knitter. Founded in the 1980s, the factory upholds its reputation for top-quality garments, carefully crafted by skilled women, each specializing in specific tasks, and subjected to rigorous quality control.

To get sustainable wool the company collaborates closely with northern Spanish shepherds like Faustino in León. In Spain, sheep thrive under Transhumance, benefiting both animals and the environment. This tradition ensures outdoor living, aids fire prevention, enriches fallow land, and maintains alpine areas. babaà prioritizes sheep welfare. Additionally, babaà sources cotton from southern Spain, attending the October harvest each year to ensure sustainable practices. Witnessing the process firsthand reaffirms the brand’s commitment to ethical production.

Moreover, in terms of dyeing, the Spanish company partners with a sustainable factory in La Coruña, Northern Spain, minimizing water usage by 60% and eliminating bleaching and toxic waste.

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