Atelier Kreacija

Exclusively designed and handmade with high demands on aesthetics and simplicity

Atelier Kreacija

by Nadia Biceva-Dimitrovski

The basic activity of “Atelier Kreacija”, established in 2015 and based in Republic of Macedonia,  is to design, model, construct and produce contemporary jewelry.

Nadica Biceva – Dimitrovski, founder and owner, is the designer of all creations. She creates the pieces that are exclusively handmade by her – one piece at a time.  By playing with different textures and types of textiles, she creates a base that allows bursts of creativity, inspiration and imagination, meeting the criteria of high esthetics, simplicity and peculiarity in her  contemporary jewelry.

“Due to its uniqueness, our jewelry is in a procedure of being protected and registered as an industrial design by the Institute for Industrial Property of Macedonia.“

Nadia Biceva-Dimitrovski

The offer of ideas and new pieces of jewelry is complemented on a daily basis, as an expression of the inexhaustible possibilities for creation of newer and newer designs, which follow the tendencies, but do not pulsate as commercial items.

z Kreacija lovers are collectors who view jewelry as an essential extension of their bold personalites.

Along with the commercial presentation of the jewellery collections from “Atelier Kreacija”, the pieces were also exhibited within the 4th Balkan Colony of Handcrafts . Kreacija jewelry participated with Architecture in fashion group , at Feeric Fashion Week 2018 ( 17-22 July) in Sibiu, Romania and also in Lugano Design Distric 2018 ( 12-21 October) in Lugano , Switzerland. Kreacija jewellery was represented at Pop Up Store by Clothia, 253 Centre St., SoHo, New York 2018 (November 10 until December 31).


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