Ananda Soul

Handmade jewelry from high-quality, certified recycled 925 sterling silver.


by Christina Zipperlen, since 2008

The vision at Ananda Soul is a thriving humanity, a healthy planet and a deep calling to act from integrity in favor of a better tomorrow.

Established in 2008, Ananda Soul is jewelry that has been created with loving hands in Bali and reflects mindful intention, sustainability and responsible consumerism. Not only has the brand been created out of a calling to unite creativity, respect for Balinese ritual and the wish to give back and inspire empowerment through transparency and education, but also the desire to change the world a little is one that stands at the heart center of Ananda Soul and is carried in each of the creations. 

Ananda Soul want to encourage consumers to question their consumption and the impact their day-to-day choices have on each other and the planet. Ananda Soul want to create goods that bring about blessings, love stories and good intentions and spread them throughout the world and by doing so pursue a path of sustainable production and creation that is the least harmful to our nurturer, Mother Earth.

„Ananda Soul was born as the result of expressing my values in the form of wearable art.“

Christina Zipperlen

At Ananda Soul, they believe that a better tomorrow is one where community thrives. From day one they have been committed to creating a brand that gives back and supports the women and children in the communities where the products are produced and created.

Over the years Ananda Soul has supported a variety of initiatives that are in alignment with the core value to support the local land and community, in particular women and children. The projects over the last eleven years have ranged from supporting educational programs, employing mothers and their children to funding initiatives that tackle different social and environmental issues in today’s world.

The core of Ananda Souls jewelry pieces is made from high-quality, certified recycled 925 sterling silver and is sourced from a German company that refines their metals using environmentally safe practices. Ananda Soul choose the path of recycled silver which means that no additional mining is necessary for the creation of the products. Furthermore, the beaded and braided designs are all assembled by mothers of street children in Denpasar.

As a last and important step of the production cycle all the jewelry is blessed in a Balinese ceremony before being sent out into the world. The Ananda Soul Team come together once a month with the guidance of a Balinese priest to gather affirmations, prayers, good intentions, and energy to breathe life and blessings into the designs. The prayer is that the jewelry uplift and brings joy to every person who gets in touch with it.


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