Sustainable, effortless and essential womenswear designs.

Aéryne is a sustainable, affordable luxury brand from Scandinavia.
The company’s focus is on affordable essentials that are not only sustainable, but also make a social contribution by supporting women with their own Aéryne Academy.

Since the label has a studio in Paris and an office in Stockholm, both locations flow into the creative signature of the label. The design reflects the modernity and simplicity of Scandinavian design language and combines it with confident and individual Parisian charm. The styles are modern and edgy and, with their essential character, are completely independent of short-term trends. Aéryne release four collections a year that are produced in limited quantities. As part of their sustainability initiative, they also have more elaborate, eye-catching pieces made on demand. Part of the philosophy is to enable millennials to dress sustainably through attractive prices.

Proofed values

„At our partner school in Mumbai, girls are given a loving home as well as a chance to evolve. We believe in sisterhood, that empowered women empower women in return, and that education is the key to independence and equal society.“


The mainly eco-friendly fabrics are sourced from fabric mills in Europe. In order to protect the environment and ensure the welfare of the animals, a mixture of storage fabrics, OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and recycled fabrics, but also faux fur and faux leather is used. The selected partners and production facilities offer good working conditions and the majority of the collection is made in Hungary. Individual pieces are produced in China using special techniques.

Social engagement is also a huge cornerstone of the Aéryne philosophy. The main focus is on promoting and supporting disadvantaged women. Through the empowerment fund, the Aéryne Academy, the brand contributes to the education of the next generation of women. 5% of every web order is donated to the partner school in Seva Sadan in Mumbai. There, young girls are able to attend school in a safe environment. They come from different backgrounds but they all are either orphans or their single parents can not afford to invest in their future.

For the Aéryne founders, education is the key to independence and an equal society.

The brand also expresses its commitment to women through additional initiatives – Every two months, a discussion topic and opinion leader are chosen to take the conversation to a place of understanding, solidarity and personal growth. There, topics related to femininity and experiences with the community are exchanged.

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